Off to Faerie

Woke up with great joy in my heart
On a long journey was I soon to start
Reminding myself while I lay:
"I'm going to Faerie so far.
I shall leave to Faerie today."

"Good morning" to my neighbour I did
"What's so good about it?"
Sternly I heard him say.
"I'm off your world of people so 'big';
I'm off to Faerie today."

"Godspeed" bid me good old baker
To the postman I promised to write later
Sister said for me she would pray
"So that you might feel safer
on your road to Faerie today."

So I set out chanting,
all the time Faerie fancying,
not so much walking, if I may,
rather would I say dancing,
came I to Faerie today.

No bag or luggage did I carry,
but a smile and this poem to Faerie
grown in my mind along the way.
Thus I arrived in Faerie;
I arrived in Faerie to stay.

Escrevi esse poeminha em 2002, inspirado pelo conto Smith of Wootton Major, de J.R.R. Tolkien. Até hoje considero esse conto a melhor obra de literatura que eu já li.

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